Sunday, 20 February 2011


Time seems to have collapsed on itself for a year. That explains the year long gap between posts on this blog. In all honesty it was created in a rush of whimsy. It however will serve a valuable purpose- presenting the tracklists for our bi-monthly radio show on But before we look at the tracklist I will tell you about the posthumous inspiration that Bob Monkhouse has provided.


For those of you with a spare two hours to kill it would be well worth your while to watch 'The Secret Life of Bob Monkhouse'. Aired this year the programme was a fascinating documentary that dissects the life of one of Britain's most misunderstood comics. Seen by many as an insincere and machiavellian purveyor of cheap gags and mendacious flattery to contestants on naff gameshows the documentary goes some way to cast light on the panorama. Monkhouse is revealed to have an enourmous depth. A terrifically high functioning being Monkhouse dedicated his life to understanding the essence of comedy. I needed little convincing of this- he told to date the only gag I can remember....

BM: Do you know that I am so lazy I only ever eat a third of a Mars bar so I can rest and leave out the work and play (SIC)
(Half remembered from an Episode of Wipeout 1995ish)

What surprised me about Monkhouse however was a part of his private life that undergirds his dedication to the surgical dissection of comedy. Monkhouse, the documentary revealed, had a fervent almost compulsive desire to archive and list. Over his lifetime Monkhouse, as one of the first owners of a video recorder in the UK, a staggering personal collection of recorded material. Without fail Monkhouse would record hours of television every single day. The tapes were then meticulously catalogued and stored in a custom built storage unit in the grounds of his house. Such was the breadth of his collection that the BBC themselves looked to the Monkhouse collection to fill gaps in their own archives.

In addtion to these revelations the documentary spoke about Monkhouse's famous notebooks. Monkhouse would carry with him a vast tome in which he would write down any jokes that he heard that he thought noteworthy, as well as jokes of his own creation. No subject was left untouched which therefore bestowed upon Monkhouse to be the comic with a gag for every situation.

After the documentary I was left with a steely resolve to continue the spirit of Monkhouse by dedciating some serious time to lists. Time previously spent whittling in front of bland, grainy erotica is now to be dedicated to writing lists. I therefore present to you the tracklist from our most recent radio show on To listen to the show go into the archive section on the website-

Tracklist 20/02

Klaus Schulze- Silent Running
Don Williams- Clouded Heart (Time-Travelling Mix)
Barry Biggs- Unmetered Taxi
Berlin Dub- Tiergartan Dub
The Otherside feat Musa K- Roadblock
Funk Masters- Bad Boy
Sir Stephen- Good Kings Crusade
Manu Dibango- Abele Dance (Dub)
Protect U- U-Uno
Delirious Grooves- Evolution
Ilya Santanna- Transborder
Naum Gabo- Wet Job
Son of Sam- Nature Makes A Mistake (Jack Plug Remix)
Mark Du Mosch- Summer Breeze
Jean Michel Jarre- Arpegiatuer
Morgan Zarate- SP
Shackleton- Undeadman (Mordant Music Remmix)
Bubble Club- The Goddess
Reimaginations- Why D'You Run Away
Cultural Vibe- Ma Foom Bey (Love Chant)
Hiroshima- Roomful of Mirrors