Sunday, 8 May 2011

Out from the Wilderness....

Well there went the best laid of plans.

Quite a poor effort it has to be said. The combined effects of drinking and pornography proved enough of a distraction to create such lethargy on a Sunday that a simple matter of typing a track listing became too much. Sorry Bob- you would be appalled.

To restore some faith I did take down an hour for 22/03/2011:
Second Hour:

Bullfrog- Desert Man

Andre Previn- Executive Party Dance

Holger Czukay- Hey BabaReebop

Babauntude Olantuji- Majore

Assagi- Bizembe

The Abstract Eye- Cool Warm

Underground Resistance- Swamp Thing

and we have a 2 hour recorded set from out recent gig at Dirtytalk. Incidentally this gig was a cracker Mo' Fulton played for 3hrs!!

Tracklist: Cos/Mes- Natrual Lifespan (Acid Orchestra Mix)//Bubble Club- The Goddess//Manu Dibango- Abele (Dub)//Protect-U-World Music (Dub)//???//Tora Vinter- Sophie's Nightmare//Kevin Irving- Children of the Night (Disco Bloodbath Mix)//Prince- Head (Yam Who Edit)//Jellphonic- 100 Snakes//Clause Four- Can't You See//Stupid Set- Don't Be Cold//Isabel Roberts- Rhythm Of Your Love//Ghecko- Firelight (Inst)//Tiago- Disambiguation//Paul Hardcastle- Rainforest//Mountaineer- Always Coming Home (Tuff City Kids Remix)// Simoncino- Dream// Projektname Unbekannt- Dresden Den 15052005//Mr Fingers- Stars// Eurythmics- I Could Give You A Mirror//???//Giorgio Moroder- Evolution//Gina & The Flexix- I Wanna Believe//DMX Krew- Disco Theme//Kerrier District- Ce Porte//Mandre- M3000 (Nick & Felix Edit)//Osborne- Air Pistol//Cappucino- Hell Dance With Me

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